Steve Olsher – How to become a podcasting success

Steve Olsher works 3 days a week and he owns 3 multi-million dollar companies. Does it sound good to you? Then you cannot miss this interview! Steve is known as the world’s foremost reinvention expert. He is also New York Times bestselling author, keynote speaker and host of Reinvention Radio. He wrote one of the most amazing books titled ‘What is Your What?’, that will help you discover one thing you are amazing that. Steve’s most recent live event was in San Diego, called the New Media Summit, where he used his genius to line up 40 successful podcasters with 150 people who were thirsty to be promoted online as podcast guests. This interview is made for people who want to make serious money with podcasting. So if you want to create, host and monetize your podcast, listen to Steve. You will not find a bigger expert. We also talked about the school system, family, productivity and many other things that will help you create the life you always wanted.