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Breakfast at the Bed: The recipe for the morning after.

The morning after the drink (or whatever you were doing) can be tough on your mind, body and your dormitory. Your room might be a mess, your hair’s in a horse, and let’ s not even look in the bathroom …So what are you doing when the cafeteria isn’t open, or do you just want to go home? How about breakfast in bed? I’ll cook something delicious to fix the hangover and fill my stomach. Check out these simple but delicious breakfast recipes!

It’s one of the simplest, but the most delicious breakfast recipes there …

White or wheat bread, preferably thicker than usual.

-Splash of vanilla extract.

Turn on your skeleton and warm up …

Take a bowl and break the egg. Lift the egg and add it to the vapors. Throw a couple of cocktails with cinnamon and two or two sugars. Restarting the product until it is glitches (cinnamon can be on the side of the bowl) ..

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Then grab a piece of bread and return the two sides to the mix until the bread is relatively finer than the egg mixture. Throw the bread in an ambulance and wait until the first side is gold-brown, and then turn it over. After both sides of the trout, remove the toast, the top with powdered sugar or syrup and enjoy!.

2. Burrito’s breakfast.

It’s a simple, but filling-in breakfast that anyone can cook. You don’t need to be a chef or your last name, MacDonald, to make breakfast burrito with breakfast …

-Eggs (1-2 or depending on what you want).


-Orange red, orange and yellow chilli peppers.

-Fresh (or jarred) jalapeno.

-With sausage or bacon.-The beetle’s wrapping.