Ajit Nawalkha – Co-Founder of Mindvalley and the Host of Evercoach

Ajit Nawalkha – Co-Founder of Mindvalley and the Host of Evercoach

Ajit Nawalkha is the Co-Founder of Mindvalley and the Host of Evercoach. He life story is incredible and he is a living proof that you can be extremely successful no matter where you come from. His life was transformed by smart, gifted coaches and mentors, and this motivated him to become a coach himself. You cannot miss this interview if you want to have a successful business. He told me his success secret, how to set goals correctly and how to get the best team to help you grow your business. He is one of the best-paid coaches in the world. If you want to succeed in the world of coaching and consulting, this is an episode you have to listen! You will get all the best information and tips to become the best in your field. What I admire about Ajit is his amazing look on life, his determination and willingness to learn and grow personally. He is another example of a person who has it and is conquering his goals every single day. Let me know what you think in the comment section!

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Welcome to the new episode, Warrior Family episode. Today I have a special guest. He was my mentor, my coach, he is a senior partner of Mindvalley. He is a Co-founder of Mindvalley Italy, Co-founder of Evercoach, EPIC businesses and Global Grit Institute. And what is interesting, he grew up in extended family of 23 people under one roof.

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