Andy Harrington: How to develop speaking skills that will help you sell more

Andy Harrington, a jet-set speaker, is an in-demand international speaker and a coach to the world’s very best speakers, movie stars and corporate heavyweights. He is the author of Passion Into Profit, a bestseller that will help you turn your biggest passion into a profitable business. He was actually described as an extraordinary talent on stage. He teaches people how you can ethically influence, persuade and communicate to move people, get them to take action and motivate them to spend money with you rather than your competitors. We talked about everything! As a father of 6 children and a person who struggled with drugs and abandonment, he had some incredible advice and wisdom to share with the world. His productivity advice and tips are unique and amazing! His belief is, ‘Why try so hard all your life to fit in when you’re born to stand out?’. If I needed to describe him in one sentence I would say: “He truly is outstanding.”

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Hello everybody, this is Warrior Family and I’m Smillion Mori. We are all here because we believe that we can create and live the life we deserve, and the life worth living, but in order to do this we have to do something about it. And the goal of this show is to bring you guests, their beliefs, habits, success clues, so you can create the life you want to live and the life worth living and to have it all. And today’s guest is a very famous person in UK. I saw him on the stage in London at one speaking event and people were rushing at the table to buy his exclusive Professional Speakers Academy product. And I’m talking about Andy Harrington.

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