Craig Ballantyne – How to live your perfect life

Craig Ballantyne – How to live your perfect life

Craig is the author of “The Perfect Day Formula” and “Turbulence Training,” and has been a contributor to Men’s Health magazine for almost 2 decades. He is an extraordinary man with an ability to change people’s lives and business. He helped his clients grow 100 million dollar businesses and helped them transform their personal lives as well. His coaching programs, books, and videos helped more than 7 million people from all over the world. He is a firm believer that people’s values and visions drive their decisions and that the secret to success is accountability. He had to overcome a lot of limiting beliefs from his childhood. He is grateful for these experiences because they gave them the knowledge to help people overcome theirs. This interview is perfect for people who want to have a successful career, amazing family life and earn a lot of money on Instagram! In less than a year and a half, he made almost a million dollars because of this social media platform. Listen and learn.

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Show Notes

The purpose of this show is to introduce you to my friends, my guests, to their belief systems, their habits, their life productivity tips, sales, Internet marketing, and whatever strategy that can make you successful. Today I have a special guest. He is the author of the book ’The Perfect Formula That I Ate For Breakfast’. I think it was one or two years ago. The name of the guest is Craig Ballantyne.

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