This interview is a special treat for people who want to become sales megastars. Today’s guest has shared the best strategies. Daniel Alonzo is a wealth expert, entrepreneur, media personality, podcaster, speaker and author of the forthcoming book Wealth on the Beach. He brings his messaging of creating a life of passive income and financial independence to 30,000 organic social media followers and speaks in front of hundreds and thousands of people a year. He has featured in Success Magazine, The Forbes Riley Radio Show, Tim Storey LIVE, taught leadership principles to major brands like Ashley Furniture, and frequently hosts a show on the largest intercompany streaming internet channel. Daniel & his wife Karma have been one of the most consistent examples of business leadership & success. For almost 20 straight years they have grown their income year over year. In 2017 they earned over $1.4 million in total cash flow from their businesses.

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Smillion: Hey, hello my guys. Smillion Mori here, your friend. Hello, the agents of Smart Money. I have a special guest today, Daniel Alonzo. He's an old dog in the insurance industry. He entered the industry probably 15 – 20 years ago, he will tell more about this, and he's a big, big business builder with his wife, Karma, and he is a multi-millionaire.

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