Garrett J. White – How to live the warrior lifestyle

Garrett is a brilliant Warrior. He experienced so much in his life and consequently, he doesn’t allow people around him to lie to him or themselves. He will shake you but also wake you up! He will give you the punch in the face most people desperately need. He uses the F-word a lot to prove his point. And his point is absolutely fantastic. After one hour you will get the need to change and improve your life forever. You will want to grow personally and professionally. You will become a better man, a better father, and a better businessman. Garrett cheated on his wife. And today they have a great relationship. He lost his business and then built something even more extraordinary. He drank and smoked a lot so he did not have to face his emotions. Today he is the most honest person in the world. He teaches men how to feel! We discussed sex, raising kids, product strategies and tips on how to become an actual warrior. This interview will blow your mind but that’s exactly what you need.

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Show Notes

Hi everybody, this is Warrior Family and I am Smillion Mori. I know you are all here because you want to create and live the life worth living, but in order to do this we have to do something about it, and my purpose within this show is to bring you guests, their strategies, their mind hacks, their belief system, to help you become the person you want to become and create the life worth living. And today, I have a special guest, Garrett J White. He is the founder of the ‘Wake Up Warrior’ movement, and the creator of the ‘Warrior Book’. Garret’s revolutionary training program has influenced men around the world, and can be heard on a regular basis with his top rated podcasts across multiple platforms, from family parenting with his wife, Danielle, on ‘Date Your Wife’, to business with ‘Warrior Wealth’ and ‘Big Money Stylists’, religion and spirituality with ‘Warrior On Fire’, and self development with ‘Warrior Week’, which I attended also. Garrett lives in Laguna Beach, California, when he, where he surfs every day, and he’s also the author of the ‘Be the Man’ book.

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