Kavit Haria – Turn your passion into a profitable business

Kavit Haria – Turn your passion into a profitable business

Kavit Haria is an online business strategist who is helping experts create online businesses with purposeful, profitable and predictable sales funnels. He wrote an extraordinary book called Don’t Sleep On It! Turn Your Passion & Expertise Into A Profitable Online Business. Kavit is running Automated Business System that helps experts and brands strategize, build, launch and market their businesses online. He has created over 100 success stories to date. It was an incredible honor to interview Havit. He is a young and funny entrepreneur with an amazing knowledge and energy. He did not just offer me incredible advice about building an online business and shared his outstanding marketing strategies, but he also talked about how to develop a winning mindset, face your fears and let go of your limiting beliefs. His quote, ‘Passion plus consistency equals success,’ is something to remember! In this interview, you will find out how to achieve both!

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But in order to do this, we have to do something about it. I am here to bring you guests and introduce you to their habits, their belief systems, their productivity hacks, their internet marketing sales strategies, just for you to have it all in your business and in all other areas of your life. And today’s guest is a very young entrepreneur. Since 2013, Kavit has been running automated business system, a flagship service to help experts and brands strategize, build and launch and market their business online.

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