Laurie Rubidge – How to live out your dreams through personal development

This amazing interview will restore your faith in the world. Words cannot express how wonderful, compassionate and caring Laurie Rubidge is. This was one of those interviews that I thought about long after it had finished. She is an incredibly successful businesswoman with a remarkable story that will make you believe that dreams really do come true. Laurie is by far not the “natural born success story.” She comes from a humble beginning, being the last out of 6 children. She has a degree in business, but her real education began when she moved to California where she was introduced to network marketing. If you want to make it big in MLM, listen to this interview. Laurie built a multi-million dollar sales team of over 40,000 people and became one of the most recognized trainers in the industry. Laurie was also so honored to create a training company exclusively for Jennifer and Sylvester Stallone, and is now launching a TV program called ‘Be Your Best TV’.

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Show Notes

Welcome to the new episode, Warrior Family episode. Today I have a special guest. He was my mentor, my coach, he is a senior partner of Mindvalley. He is a Co-founder of Mindvalley Italy, Co-founder of Evercoach, EPIC businesses and Global Grit Institute. And what is interesting, he grew up in extended family of 23 people under one roof.

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