Lenja Faraguna – How to achieve your business goals through self-love

I feel so privileged that I had a chance to interview my friend and a successful marCAREting and mindset coach Lenja Faraguna. She is a mompreneur and an exceptional woman who will teach you the importance of self-love when it comes to business success and personal growth. This interview is food for your soul and an amazing stepping stone to unconditional self-love. Lenja Faraguna was declared one of 12 World Changers by the New York Times Bestselling author Roy H. Williams and one of 40 most influential radio personalities under 40 by the Radio Advertising Bureau USA. Lenja teaches that self-love is the most effective business strategy you can possess – “When you feel good, you make things happen!” She believes that thoughts of doubt, fear, sadness, shame, guilt, bring self-sabotage and stagnation. She is proudly and lovingly leading Dreamers and Doers into making their dreams into reality. Listen and fall in love with yourself. Yours truly, Helena.

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