Marisa Peer – How to develop I am enough mindset

Marisa Peer – How to develop I am enough mindset

Marisa Peer is a woman who will change your life. I know many people say that, but she really is remarkable. Many celebrities, CEO’s and even Royalty have said that in one hour she helped them more than any other therapist did in years of psychotherapy. She is a hypnotherapist and a bestselling author who’s helped thousands of people beat their phobias, depression, weight issues, infertility problems and their self-destructing beliefs that they are not enough. We talked about how to achieve the most important thing in the world – how to love yourself and believe that you are enough. Social media is making people’s lives worse. The constant feeling they are not good enough is destroying their self-confidence. Learn how to avoid that and start loving yourself, praising yourself and nurture your talents. We also talked about how to raise your children to value themselves, how to stop bullying, how to help them develop a great relationship with money and much more.

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Hi everybody! This is Warrior Family. I am Smillion Mori, and my friends you are all here because you believe that we can create and live the life that we deserve, and the life that is worth living, and the goal of my show is to bring you some guest, their belief system their habits, to have it to help you to live the life that is worth living. And today, I have a special guest. She’s also my friend, she spoke at The BigU Academy Wake Up event in Slovenia in front of 1,500 people, she hypnotized everybody in the room and we had great experience as she’s the celebrity hypnotherapist, and creator of the instant hypnotherapy transformation. We will talk about it and she’s author of many books. You can become thin?

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