Marshall Goldsmith – Mindset and Habits of Extremely Successful Executives – Part 1

Marshall Goldsmith – Mindset and Habits of Extremely Successful Executives – Part 1

I am so happy I got an opportunity to interview probably the best coach in the world. His words were profound and I am 100% sure you will learn so much from him! He’s got realistic and proven strategies on how to start and run a business, balance family life and work life, and how to generally be happy. This wasn’t just “an everyday interview.” This was a proper coaching session that will blow your mind. Listen carefully and get the best advice. After this interview, you will be able to set your goals, measure them, learn how to communicate with people, execute your ideas, become generally happy and give back to others! I am thrilled you have an opportunity to learn from the best! This is part 1 of the amazing interview. Make sure you listen to part 2! Subscribe to my channel and be the first one to his amazing ideas!

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Hello, my name is Smillion Mori, I’m the founder of the Warrior Family podcast. The podcast that want you to inspire, to have it all in your life, in all areas of your life, to have a successful marriage, a great relationship with your kids, a successful business, and time for yourself and for your family, look great, have a fit body, enough energy to travel, and to do the stuff that you enjoy doing. And today I have a guest, a special guest. I read almost all of his books but not 31 of the books, and this one is my favorite, ‘Triggers’, and probably you know that I’m talking about Dr. Marshall Goldsmith. He’s number one leadership thinker in the world.

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