Neeta Bhushan – How to develop an emotional grit

Neeta Bhushan ā€“ How to develop an emotional grit

Dr. Neeta Bhushan is a motivational speaker, Forbes contributor, leadership coach and international speaker. Her story is inspiring and her message is life-changing. This is one of those interviews you really need to listen to because she truly knows how to unlock your potential, find your passion and also turn it into a business.She is a woman on the mission. She is helping people achieve greatness and discover their unique gifts. She has many incredible, comforting and inspirational advice for all of you who feel overwhelmed because of all the changes this world is going through. She will inspire you to become the best version of yourself and forget the society’s definition of perfection. We talked about how to efficiently get rid of stress, find fulfillments and really achieve goals in your personal and professional life. After listening to this interview you will not be afraid to fail, you will start to enjoy life and you will be so motivated to succeed!

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Hello, Warrior Family! We are here in Tallinn, we have a special guest today. She is a former dentist and she has turned educator, international trainer, self-proclaimed wellness geek and best-selling author of two books, Emotional Grit, and she coauthored the new released book, The Book of Coaching. She works with high performance coaches, entrepreneurs through six month business incubator. She is a doctor and she is a coach and speaker.

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