Sam Falsafi is the CEO of Wake up Warrior and Warrior Week. He is a graduate of Warrior Week 9.As a child of war, Sam and his family escaped the troubles of Iran and moved to Canada, where he lived for two decades, before moving on to the USA. As a software engineering graduate, Sam began his career in transportation tracking and tracing, where it led him to a lucrative business in the oil and gas industry. However, Sam felt that he had a different purpose in life, which he came to realize through Warrior Week and Garret J White. Now Sam fulfills his purpose by helping others come to realize what is holding them back in life, both in personal and business. “Once a man achieves the level of certainty to go after what he wants there is nothing that can stop that man.” How to achieve that? Listen to the interview!

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Hi everybody, this is Warrior Family and I am Smillion Mori. I know that you are all here because you are sure you can create and live the life worth living, but in order to do this we have to do something about it. And my goal within this show is to bring you my guests, their strategies, their belief system, hacks, that you can make the life you want, and live the life worth living. And today I have a special guest, his name is Sam Falsafi. He’s from Iran originally. He’s the lead coach, lead trainer of ‘Wake Up Warrior’ movement, and he kicked my ass when I attended ‘Warrior Week’ a couple of months ago.

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