Smilion Mori – How to face change and improve your life, part 1

Change is hard. Nevertheless, we need to realize that we live in the world of constant changes thus we have to find a way to face them.
If you want to become successful, grab every chance that offers a new experience, regardless of the consequences. Eliminate your fears and let changes change your life. Accept them enthusiastically and I promise your life will change.
In this podcast, we are going to talk about internal change as a way towards external change. Because when we are able to change from within, change happens outside.
Until as recently as 1998, most psychologists, physiologists, neuroscientists, believed that our brain is basically fixed. We were born with a basic genetic endowment. Maybe until the age of 3, as Freud argued the brain changes, but after the age of 3, it doesn’t really change. It changes in that we lose brain cells but that’s it. This gave credence to the view that change is not possible because we couldn’t see it in our brains. Listen and learn.

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