You cannot score without a goal. Listen to the first part of this amazing podcast where you will learn how to set and achieve even your wildest goals. How many times have you decided on a course of action and simply didn’t follow through with it? That is pretty much the norm for most people. Sometimes even setting goals at all is the harder part of accomplishing any. The easiest way of looking at this is to think of each and every New Year. The largest part of New Year’s celebrations are not the parties and the get-togethers; it is actually in the resolutions. As much as we all like to attend and talk about New Years Eve parties, the most common source of conversation is the resolutions for the New Year. All it really is is code talk for new goals that need to be set. The only problem is that most of us set the same resolutions every year, and every year, we are unsuccessful… how to change that? Listen and learn.

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