So you believe in yourself? Do you have faith? Do you believe that your future is going to be bright?Your future shapes your present just as your past shapes the future. It’s a complex dance: you believe some things based on the past, and apply those beliefs to the future. Thoughts about a certain outcome in the future, shape your actions now, altering your present. Altering the present causes a shift in your actions to guarantee that the future you envision will come to pass. So when you wish to manifest an experience or an object, start by creating a future view that is not based on the limitations you experienced in the past. Dare to dream. Dare to imagine, “as if”. Dare to feed your ambitions and successes, not your limitations. As you can see, belief ‘that’, belief ‘in’, faith, knowing and expectancy are essential components to creating the life you desire. To develop the mindset of ‘believing is seeing’, start by directing your imagination. In this episode, you will find out how.

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