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Speech: Have Big Dreams. My speech in TEDxMaribor:

My speech in Saint Petersburg in front of 12,000 people:

Performing in front of big and small crowds is one of my biggest passions. I’ve addressed more than 300.000 people from 50 countries all over the world at my live seminars and conferences.

When I first started more than 20 years ago, only 6 people attended my seminar. A few years later I performed before 12.000 people in St. Petersburg, Russia.

My motivational seminars all sold out every year because people know exactly what they are going to get – motivation, incredible advice, wake up call and concrete actions steps to improve their lives. My biggest rewards are their letters and emails about how they completely transformed their lives after the seminar. I am known for being brutally honest and compassionate.

I get invited to speak at many different forums and conferences where I gladly share my knowledge. I am especially popular in Eastern Europe.

One of my biggest specialties are MLM and sales speeches. The most successful companies in the world invite me to motivate their employees and co-workers and teach them the best sales techniques and how to develop a winning mindset.

A few years ago I started teaching other public speakers how to improve their work and become the best they can be. I developed an extremely popular e-course called Mentor2Millions where people get a step-by-step plan for becoming confident speakers who sell every single ticket for their events.

Speech: Become Immortal at Million Dollar Round Table in Greece:

Speech: Real Men Cry. Teaser from my full speech in Almaty:

Speech: From Being Broke To A Millionaire! Thank You, MLM. Speech on an exclusive BeReal Estate’s Event:

Speech: Richard Branson Taught Me How To Be A Millionaire. Speech on an exclusive BeReal Estate’s Event:

Take a Look on Videos From My Speech At Synergy Global Forum:


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