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Chad Nicely – How to start a lucrative online business

Did you know that you can make a lot of money with Facebook groups? Chad Nicely did and he is willing to share!
He started with his online marketing business in  1998 and on the first day he generated 3000 bucks. Back then Facebook and other social media did not exist. That goes to show how amazing his marketing skills are.
Chad is an online marketing strategist who has had multiple successful companies in various different industries, ranging from gift shops and restaurants to his most recent in software.  Through his revolutionary e-learning platform, he offers individuals and businesses the tools needed to grow and become more profitable. As well as a place to be educated, the platform also offers assistance to those that want to develop their own learning material and sell it as a product.  He’s father of two beautiful girls and his story is amazing! I know you will really enjoy this episode.

Terri Levine – How to Improve Your Mindset and Scale Your Business

If you are starting a new business or you want to grow your existing one, listen to this amazing interview. Terri is an expert for growing your business by improving your mindset. She will teach you how to gain confidence and get high paying clients.
She is the founder of Heart-repreneur and is a business and executive coaching expert. She assists businesses worldwide with business growth, sales, and marketing. She has more than 40 years of business experience, encompassing work with more than 5,000 business owners and entrepreneurs in a variety of industries. She is also a bestselling author of dozens of books, has her own radio and TV show and is also a keynote speaker. Terri has a passion for helping businesses to grow with her own personal experience gained while building multiple successful businesses from the ground up. Terri has created the Heart-repreneur cause teaching business owners to do business heart-to-heart.

Brendan Meyers – How to strengthen your business through social media marketing

This interview is perfect for people who want to use social media to become millionaires and for sports enthusiasts all around the world. Brendan Meyers is a YouTube sensation with over 800,000 followers, that has dedicated his life to improving the personal and business health of others. Having graduated with an Exercise Physiology degree, he has spent his life so far in the fitness industry, creating multiple companies, and inspiring countless people through his social media activities. After overcoming a serious injury, and dealing with depression, he decided that he could use his experience and strong mindset as tools to help others overcome the obstacles that are holding them back. At only 26, he is regarded as one of the best motivational fitness mentors in the business. His main vision is to have a positive impact on the lives of 1 billion people. He is determined, motivated and successful! Listen and learn.

Natalie Jill – how to eliminate your physical and mental F.A.T.

Women should not be ashamed of their age or their bodies. This interview will give you confidence and motivation to achieve your goals – no matter how old you are.
Natalie Jill is the author of ‘7-Day Jump Start – Unprocess Your Diet’, and the upcoming book, ‘Aging in Reverse’. She helps people across the globe reach their health, fitness, and business goals.
Natalie found herself in the middle of some life-changing situations, that triggered weight problems brought on by depression. After some self-reflection, she started monitoring the healthy lifestyle changes she was making and shared them with others via social media. Due to the fantastic response, she received from other people that were facing similar difficulties, she was soon able to leverage the power of the Internet and create a globally recognized brand with over two million social media followers, leading to an online business that has generated over 7-figures in revenue! Listen and learn! You too can achieve everything!

Jaime Masters – How to create a million dollar business and live a fulfilled life

Jaime Masters is pure joy to be around. Not just because she is very successful and full of incredible advice for everyone who wants to achieve their goals but also because she is funny, warm, intelligent and kind. She quit the 6-figure job that she hated. She had to start over. She was in debt, she had a baby and she was stressed out. With an ambitious goal and a strategic plan, she was out of the debt and the job she hated in just 16 months. Today she is a very successful business coach, keynote speaker, mentor, bestselling author and host of the popular Eventual Millionaire Podcast. She has interviewed around 400 millionaires and multi-millionaires. She is also a single mother and she is really good friends with her ex-husband. Everybody who wants to achieve personal and professional success should watch this. We talked about family life, hiring help without feeling guilty, traditional school system, femininity, and many other things. Jaime is exceptional and so is this interview!